make events accessible

a photo of the guide that reads "make events accessible: a disability primer for organizers compiled by olivia dreisinger" On the back cover is a a photograph of a disabled person with a walker giving the thumbs up next to a sign that reads "Access Ramp." The ramp has one stair and is not accessible.

Make Events Accessible: A disability primer for organizers is a guide outlining how to make your academic events more accessible physically, financially, and emotionally for disabled people. Inside the guide you will find:

  • an accessibility checklist
  • a section breaking down why access matters
  • two access stories from chronically ill students
  • a glossary

As part of my ongoing commitment to accessible content, you can download a digital copy for free or by donation in either pdf or google doc formats (if you’re an organization, please donate for use of the guide). Donations can be done through PayPal and sent to Printed copies are also available, just get in touch if you’d like one. Share the document with your friends, family, and community and adapt it to your own needs! 

Please note that this is not the be-all and end-all guide on accessibility. For some, it will be a starting point. Accessibility is hard and cannot come from a single person.

Originally published January 2019.

google doc version (download to adjust font, size, spacing, etc)

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